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Law Costs Draftsmen & Costs Advisers

We are Legal Costs Experts based in Manchester, UK.

Over the years we have seen many changes, we have always embraced this and adapted our company to ensure we continue to provide the very best service to our clients.

We pride ourselves in providing a bespoke service to our clients. We have clients nationwide that range from Sole Practitioners to large City firms and unlike many of our competitors we value each client equally. As we have expanded we have taken time to choose our staff carefully, client care being of paramount importance.

From listening to feedback over the years we find clients prefer to deal with the same person or team rather than deal with numerous fee earners. To that end, every client of ours is assigned a Law Costs Draftsman or a small team of Law Costs Draftsmen. We encourage our fee earners to take time out to visit our clients on a regular basis to give us the opportunity to genuinely tailor our service to suit them. We find that these meetings are of huge benefit to our clients.

Ultimately we aim to provide a complete costs service which is as efficient and as convenient to our clients as it would be to have their own in-house department. We aim to leave you free to deal with what you do best and leave us to deal with the costs.

Our standard turnaround time is 10 working days (although we can offer an expedited service when necessary).

Introductory Offers – Upon receipt of new instructions we will review your file and call with an estimate of our fees.



The team, which includes a number with Costs Adviser status, has many years experience representing our clients at Court on all matters in respect of costs which include:

Detailed Assessment Hearings on behalf of both the Receiving and Paying Parties.

Costs Management (Budgeting) hearings

Sanction Relief Applications

Solicitor/Own Client Assessments.

Under the Civil Procedure Rules (Part 42), 69th update which came in to effect on 6th April 2014, Costs Lawyers are authorised persons under the Legal Services Act 2007 and entitled to conduct litigation and go on to the Court Record.

Cost Budgeting

Following the Lord Justice Jackson Civil Litigation Reforms, all Multi-track cases issued after 1st April 2013 in the County Court and High Court (Queen’s Bench and Chancery Division) require a Costs Budget.  The consequences of not filing a Precedent H Budget are serious and may result in only the recovery of applicable Court fees, as was evidenced in Mitchell v News Group Newspapers Ltd [2013] EWHC2179 (QB).  Notwithstanding subsequent Appeal hearings regarding relief from sanctions it is still of paramount importance to have your Budget prepared accurately and in plenty of time.

Our experts will advise you and prepare your Costs Budget in accordance with all current and appropriate Regulations.  Should you prefer that your files remain in your possession we are more than happy to prepare them in your office for your peace of mind.

We will update your Budgets as and when is necessary and consider and advise on your opponent’s Budget.  We will also attend to represent your client’s interests as relates to costs at Costs Management Conference.

NO WIN NO FEE – We will prepare your Claimant Precedent H Costs Budget on a no win no fee basis, subject to the continuance of our instruction to the conclusion of settlement of costs.

Preparation Of Bills

Our team will provide you with a professional and detailed Bill of Costs within ten working days. Our experience and attention to detail will ensure that we claim all costs that you are entitled to claim supported by your files and relevant costs law.

We have fee earners that specialise in all areas of legal costs and your Bills of Costs can be prepared by an expert in any of the following areas :-

  1. Personal Injury
  2. Clinical Negligence
  3. Commercial
  4. Family / Care
  5. Mental Health
  6. Housing
  7. Immigration
  8. Judicial Review

LAA Claim Forms

Our team will prepare your Claim for Costs to be submitted to the Legal Aid Agency for Assessment and payment, or your publicly funded Bill of Costs for Assessment by the Court.  Following which we will finalise the Bill and prepare the relevant Certificate for Sealing together with the Claim for Payment to be submitted to the Legal Aid Agency.

With all of the above, we can advise you in respect of maximising your costs and prepare the relevant Assessment Bundle to ensure a smooth passage and speedy payment from the Legal Aid Agency.

In respect of High Cost cases we can prepare your Claim for Pre-Contract Costs together with the Case Plan for estimated future costs, or in relation to High Cost Care matters where we can prepare your Events Plan.  The Case Plan for future costs and the Events Plan will need updates which we can do on a regular basis and at short notice.  Following matters being finalised we can prepare Claims for Assessment and Payment in relation to the stages of the High Cost Case Plan, or finalise the Events Plan and prepare a Claim for Payment.

Cost Negotiation

We have vast experience in conducting negotiations on behalf of both the Receiving Party and Paying Party.  Our clients include Solicitors, Local Authorities, Insurers and Litigants in Person.  We have a proactive approach and will provide you with regular advice and updates.  We will settle your cases expeditiously and efficiently and guarantee to provide you with consistently impressive results.

Receiving Party

We can provide a complete cradle to grave service or take over once negotiations have broken down.  Should your opponent serve Points of Dispute we will review, advise and provide detailed Replies should they be required.

Paying Party

We will review the costs presented by your opponent and reduce your costs exposure by ensuring that they are not claiming unrecoverable or excessive costs.  Should costs not be agreed by initial negotiations we will prepare and serve detailed Points of Dispute.

As we have many years of experience we are able to advise you in detail from the outset with realistic timescales and settlement figures.

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