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Our team of experts is one of the UK’s leading translation agencies.  We provide professional translation and interpretation services to businesses throughout the UK and Worldwide.

With a reputation for excellence built over 12 years, we offer an extensive, professional, bespoke service, ensuring you always receive the highest quality translations to suit your business, media or individual needs.

We translate to and from all the major languages and use highly qualified translators who work in their mother tongue in specialist language fields and have experience in Legal, Intellectual Property & Patents, Manufacturing & Exports, Sales & Marketing, Insurance, Publishing, Pharmaceuticals, Health & Safety, Education. Our team of translators are backed by account managers and proof readers who provide administrative and quality control. Translators are carefully matched to specific projects, optimising the skills, qualifications and expertise we have available to deliver the best possible translation in each case.

The result is a comprehensive, personal and flexible translations service that is truly tailored to your needs and seamlessly handled by the team at DBSdabson.


Certified Court Interpreters in 140 languages including Arabic, Urdu, Farsi and all European languages

DBSdabson offers a range of court interpreting services to meet your legal needs both in the UK and worldwide.

Police and Court Interpreters

Court interpreting is essential for court proceedings in any number of establishments; court rooms, tribunals or conference halls. When an important participant in the proceedings, such as the defendant or a witness, has little or no mastery of the local language and cannot follow proceedings adequately, Lingo Service can provide an interpreter to help. We can even assist if, as sometimes happens, more than one language pair is required.

Court interpreters are honoured with a considerable amount of responsibility as any mistakes made could undermine the case in question. They are tasked with working in more difficult conditions than other interpreters, often in rooms not equipped with booths and interpreting equipment. These professionals often have to work with speakers who are nervous and unfamiliar with public speaking, which can add to the challenge and which demands an even greater level of concentration. In consideration of this demand on concentration, court interpreters may ask the judge to be allowed a break during proceedings.

We Provide Court Interpretation In All Languages

Whether you require consecutive, simultaneous or whispered interpreting (chuchotage) or a combination of different modes, please contact us for more information.